Wonderful Weekend for Women


Our annual fall conference for women will be September 13 & 14, 2013 at Webster Conference Center in Salina, Kansas. The conference begins at 9:30 on Friday morning and runs through 3:30pm on Saturday. Our theme this year is ‘chasing after the heart of God'. We’ll be joined by speaker Jennie Allen and Rachael Lampa will lead us in worship. Information will be sent to churches in June 2013, but you will also be able to download the materials right here. We hope you can join us!

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2013 Materials

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LifeSession Descriptions

Antiques are Valuable - Right?  
Gloria Garner
We'll look at the benefits of being, shall we say "seasoned", and some ways to cope with the fact that sometimes we find it difficult to do all the things we'd like to.

Caring for your church staff and their families    
Melissa Busby
Learn some of the do's and don'ts and how to bless your ministers and their families well.

Chasing After the Wind
Leslie Hazelett
David, the Bible tells us, was a man after God’s own heart.  His songs to God show the intensity with which he chased after God, and the desire he had to seek Him and Him only.  Yet, we know that oftentimes David’s humanity got in the way of his spirituality and he ended up chasing after other things. The truth is that the trap of worldly pursuit is one into which it is easy to fall no matter how spiritual we think we are, or no matter whose life experiences we have witnessed.  Like David, is your desire to chase after the heart of God, but you fear you might get distracted? Even if we believe we are chasing after God’s heart we really might be chasing after something else.  We might be caught up in a distraction so subtle we don’t recognize it. This session can help us recognize those distractions, and show us how to stay on a steady course.

Creative Correspondence
Candi Olds
As we “chase after the heart of God”, we find His great love for us and the command to love one another.  Written words of encouragement are a great way to express Christ’s love!
Join us for this hands-on, make it and take it workshop to encourage you to encourage others. 
“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” 1 Thess. 5:11          
Evangelism 101
Brenda Lee
Sharing your faith doesn't have to be intimidating.  Come as we explore basic witnessing just sharing what God is doing through you in your little corner of His great big world.

Extreme Makeover
Sherri Conklin
Last year we talked about Cravings, and who our true Craving should be. This year I would like to talk about an Extreme Identity Makeover. Now that you have found your TRUE CRAVING, let’s talk about the makeover that is happening in your life.

Get Ready...Get Set...STAND!
Kathy Addis
An indepth look at Ephesians 6:13-18. Learn how to stand your ground while gaining understanding of each element of the Armor of God. Together we will examine each piece and what it means to the believer.

God's Plans, Not Mine
Misti Becker
Has your life turned out differently than you planned?  Has God given you instructions you didn't understand or didn't really want to follow?  Join us as we study God's word and real-life examples to understand why it is important that we seek Him out for direction in our lives and why following God's plans brings many surprise blessings.   God's plans are the best plans.

How to Encourage and Respect Your Husband
Gloria Burk
Do you sometimes struggle to fulfill Ephesians 5:33 “……wives are to respect their husbands?”  Do you find yourself criticizing and talking disrespectfully to him?  This session will explore the meaning of respect, ways to show respect and resources and tools to help grow in this area. We will discuss the importance of behaving respectfully instead of waiting for him to “earn your respect.”

How to Make Disciples that Chase after the Heart of GOD!

Tara Rye
We are all called to make disciples. Did you know that there are stages that every disciple goes through? Come and learn about the four stages and see which stage you are in and how to help others move to the next stage.

Human Exploitation: Things are not better…yet!

Marca Deimund               
Are we as determined as our recent ancestors to end slavery around the world? I have stories about women and young girls that will break your heart, that will humble you, and encourage you to become more involved in the solution.  The church must rise up and become involved in the condition of victims around the world, including those next to us.

I am a Friend of God
Cheryl VanBebber
Moses showed us how to be a friend of God.  We will explore Moses life as well as other people in the Bible who were considered Friends of God.  Come and learn how to encounter God like never before.  It may change your life. 

I am a Good Church Member
Brenda Lee
Based on a new book from Thom S. Rainer, let's take a look at what God expects from us as we serve in our local church, His Body! We will explore the attitude that makes a difference by being a unifying source,  praying and treasuring our memberships as gifts from God.

In All Honesty    ...worshiping God through the psalms.
Sherry Lust
“I know I should pray, but it has been a rough day, a rough week for that matter. I don’t think God wants to hear my complaints...again.” Don’t let your emotions pull you away from God, instead let them draw you near to Him, through the psalms. Join us for an overview of the psalms, and as we learn how to pray through the psalms and write our own psalm to God.

Intimacy in Your Marriage
Debra Bonds
Ladies you wanted more??? Well come join me, in still some laughter, scripture and much more in keeping intimacy alive in our marriage.  Ladies this is just US ,we will pull out all the stops and support it with scripture. So lets get ready to ????????????

The Invisible Woman
Sue Smith
The premise of Invisible Women is to find and rest in the truth that God sees all that I do and that is enough!!  The scripture is how He sees the sparrow and knows the details.  Also considering 2 Chron. 16:9 where His eyes search for those committed to Him.  I learned in a real way as a church planters wife on the mission field and as a mom that we can feel invisible.  So, instead of striving for recognition and appreciation, God freed me to accept invisibility as a gift and opportunity to hide love.  I found my value and significance in Him not in the applause of others and as a result I was able to serve better and more freely!! 

Managing the Thorns and Roses of Your Life
Annette Aldape
Walking through life with the Lord is like a beautiful fragrant rose. However, even in a beautiful life we encounter thorns along the way. Experiences such as illness, death of a loved one, divorce, break-ups, disasters, and financial setbacks leave us reeling. Come join us as we explore how the Lord helps us handle and find joy in both the thorns and the roses of life.

Mercy for Mamas
Melissa Busby
An international mission project that is opening the door for ministry to the women of Africa. Learn how a simple gift can give a Ugandan woman a chance for life and also point her toward eternal life

Missional Living
Mari Parker
Whether you grew up in the church or are a new church goer, come be challenged with why church should not be what you do or where you go, but rather who you are!

Our Hardcore Battle Plan
Mari Parker
Imagine what would happen if one million women committed to pray against pornography.  Learn how to join the battle.

Prince of Peace or Piece of the Puzzle

Calah Titus
Take a look at the names of Jesus, who He is, and what we make Him. Does what you do with Jesus affect who He is? Diving into scripture and a little self-examination (UhOh!) to see where our priorities put Him even when we have the best intentions.

Raising Children to Become Great Teens
Shannon Slattery
If you are a parent of a teenager or will be the parent of a teenager this session is for you. In this session we will discuss how to love your child as they approach their fabulous teenage years!!!


Priscilla Sapp
How do you handle the “redirections” of your life?  When things aren’t as you planned, how do you move on?  How can you take what is before you and find goodness, purpose and significance?  Living in a world full of change and “redirection” as a missionary in Africa and then returning stateside, Priscilla will share from the life of Jesus and her own life lessons on living with the “redirections” and unmet expectations of our lives.

Retirement...How, When and What Now???

Roz  Crane
What does it mean to finish life to the glory of Christ as a Baby Boomer in America? A huge part of my identity had always been, "I'm a teacher."  What would "I'm retired,"  look like?  Was it really time?  Couple these doubts with my defiant thought that God would NOT change my life through last year's WWW, and you have my story...retirement, the next step.

Scared Stiff

Rhonda Davis
If your knees are 'locked' it is hard to move, much less walk or run after God or the things he has called you to. We will look at some keys to getting 'unlocked'.

The Spiritual Side of Staying Fit
Winter Ball
Have you ever considered that the first sin involved FOOD? Ever since that day we have all struggled with the choice to obey God in every part of our lives, the least of them not being food. It is without a doubt a huge struggle of humanity, the proof being our growing obesity rate. Join me as I share my journey of losing 70 pounds, while gaining a closer, more intimate relationship with God.

The Stepfamily Forest
Debbie Eble
Stepfamilies don't have a family tree, they have a family forest, filled with complex dynamics that take most adults by surprise.  Join us as we discuss grace-filled ways to navigate the stepfamily journey.

The Way They Learn
Beverly Hilton
God made each person unique, original, special - and that includes the way they learn. Whether you are teaching your children at home, teaching teens or adults at church, teaching a skill to a neighbor, or mentoring a friend, people learn best the way God created them to learn. Discover 8 ways people learn and practical suggestions for application.

What’s in Your Bucket?
Janette Bryant
In our lives, we can become “bucket fillers or bucket dippers.”  A “bucket filler’s” life is overflowing with love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. “A Bucket Dippers” life is filled with conflict, worry, strife, bitterness, anxiety, greed, envy, or anger.  Psalm 19:14, “May the words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord.” As our buckets overflow with more of Jesus, our positive words and actions overflow to others.

Womanhood is not for Wimps
Pam McDonald
Tired of being bombarded with messages to be thin, be smart, dress for success, please your man, please yourself, raise perfect kids, look younger......and the list plays on. Sometimes it makes me want to pull my hair out, except I haven't finished the article on how to have perfect hair! Join me as we chase a Godly woman lifestyle and what it looks like.

Brooke McClintock
Do you feel as if the issues of this world are sucking you in?  Is just “living life” draining the breath out of you?  Sometimes you don’t even know you are “Worn” until you sit at the end of a blurred day of endless business.  Then the thought crushes you, “I don’t know if I can do it all again tomorrow.”  Yet, you wake up and push through another day.  This goes beyond feeling tired or drained.  This is deep inside your spirit.  You may not even be able to put your finger on the problem, but you know that there is one.  Maybe you haven’t even recognized that your spirit is “Worn.” 
We know that God can help us with our troubles but why have we forgotten to ask for help in the midst of our “Worn” spirit?  We tend to think that we will feel better if God would take away our sufferings.  Wait!  We have been told that there WILL be suffering, but to take heart that Jesus has overcome the world. 
Let us cry out together for rest for our souls.  Let us search the Scriptures for relief from our weariness.  Let us take our “Worn” spirits and fall at the feet of our Shepherd for rest.       

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Weekend Schedule

Friday, September 13, 2013

7:00 am–9:00 am Breakfast
9:30 am WORSHIP
11:30 am–12:15 pm Group 1: Lunch
11:30 am–12:15 pm Group 2: Conference
12:30 pm–1:15 pm Group 2: Lunch
12:30 pm–1:15 pm Group 1: Conference
1:30 pm Life Session #1
2:45 pm Life Session #2
4:00 pm Life Session #3
5:00 pm–5:45 pm Group 1: Dinner
5:45 pm–6:30 pm Group 2: Dinner
7:00 pm WORSHIP
9:00 pm Ministry Wives Fellowship
Saturday, September 14, 2013

6:45 am Morning Exercise
7:00 am-8:45 am Breakfast
9:00 am Life Session #4
10:15 am Life Session #5
11:30 am–12:15 pm Group 2: Lunch
11:30 am–12:15 pm Group 1: Conference
12:30 pm–1:15 pm Group 1: Lunch
12:30 pm–1:15 pm Group 2: Conference
1:30 pm WORSHIP
3:30 pm Dismiss

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Guest Speaker

Jennie Allen

Jennie Allen

Jennie is a Bible teacher from Austin, Texas. She serves alongside her husband Zac, a pastor at Austin Stone Community Church. They have four children, including their youngest who was recently adopted from Rwanda. Jennie graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Masters in Biblical Studies. She recently released two DVD Bible studies entitled Stuck and Chase, as well as her first trade book, Anything.

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Worship Leader

Rachael Lampa

Rachael Lampa

Rachael Lampa is a Christian singer-songwriter and record producer. Her debut album Live for You, won a Dove award in 2000 and had four number one singles inlcuding “Blessed,” “Shaken”, “God Loves You”, and “Live for You”. Rachael has released three studio albums, one remix album, one greatest hits album, and two extended plays. Her most recent album, All We Need, features the lead single “Remedy”.
Rachael competed with vocal group “The Collective” during the third season of the NBC a cappella reality show The Sing-Off. They finished 8th overall.

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